Chris Matthews – Founder

Every Product or Service is a Story
Waiting to be Told

My philosophy is that people deserve to know if there is a product or service out there that can make their lives better.

After all, there are plenty of people out there who don’t (or more likely, can’t) take advantage of a service or product that would
benefit them simply
because they don’t
know it exists.

To my mind, this is a great shame.

To create an ad that stands out in the modern world is a challenge.
It’s about making sure that the right person is pitched the right product in the right time and place.

I’ve always had a love of history and ‘the good old days’. My interest extends to the history of advertising – and I believe that there are many corking ideas and techniques that are lost to modern audiences, waiting to be re-explored.

One of my ambitions in founding The Old Copy Shop was to breathe a little life into the olde-worlde flair of yesteryear, but made fit for the 21st century.

The world of advertising is one of creativity, vitality and excitement. I always get a thrill from working with clients who love their products almost as much as I do. The challenge for any copywriter is to transfer that excitement from their clients, via themselves and into the consumer.

But every challenge brings opportunities – and I have always relished the opportunities that great advertising can unlock for businesses and consumers alike.

My desire is for The Old Copy Shop to be a creative boutique where challenges can be turned into opportunities. My goal is to bring clients closer to their dream customers – and so bring customers closer to their dreams.

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