Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a copywriter?
A copywriter is a bit like a tailor, only we use words rather than cloth. We dress up your ideas and turn them into custom-made content for businesses, websites, articles and advertisements.

Adverts don’t write themselves. Why not let us do it?

Why do I need to hire a copywriter? Couldn’t I do it myself?
Writing is like painting a room. Technically anybody can pick up a brush and paint a room themselves, and whilst it might do for your home, it wouldn’t suit your office; so for your business you’d hire a professional.

It’s the same with writing.

Your business needs a copywriter to create effective and dynamic content. Your website is your digital storefront. Let us properly polish it for you.

Where are you located?
We are based in the UK, but our scope is global.

Can we meet face to face?
We are at present a purely web-based company, and our staff don’t travel to physical meetings, but the nature of copywriting is such that a video call over Skype (or Discord, Facebook, Microsoft Teams or other platform) is more than sufficient to discuss your requirements.

Do you undertake any non-English work?
No, as UK-based copywriters we only write for an English-language audience. However, we are more than happy to write English-language content for non-native English speakers, who might find it difficult to write English fluently.

Could you write me an essay?
We do not write essays or undertake any kind of academic work – it is considered plagiarism by universities and other educational bodies to submit work under your own name which you have not written yourself.